Mobigator offers excellent opportunities for smart and driven individuals who are seeking new challenges. As a Mobigator employee, you will work with bright co-workers and learn how to develop world-class solutions.
Some statistics about our staff:
10% has Ph.D. degrees
20% has Master degrees
50% are among the top 10% of their graduating classes
Think Smart. Pursue Your Passion. Dream Big. If you are interested in a challenge for yourself, please submit your resume, transcript and reference letters to
We are currently looking for professionals in the following areas:
Project Managers (Hong Kong)
5-8 years in technical development, with 3+ years of project management responsibility.
Working experience with respected professional services firms will be a plus.
Software Engineers (Hong Kong)
Familiar with application and database programming using Java, .Net, REACT, Node.js, SQL, etc.;
Experiences in the finance, banking, logistics, telecommunications, healthcare or insurance industries will be a plus.
Engineering Trainees (Hong Kong)
Graduates from top universities with grade point averages of B+ or above. 
Applicants should have demonstrated excellence and motivation in academic and extracurricular endeavors.
Programming experiences in Java, .Net, REACT, Node.js, etc., will be a plus.  
Sales and Marketing (Hong Kong and London)
5+ years in enterprise technology sales and marketing in the Asia Pacific and Europe.
EAI/ERP Consultants (Colombo, Bangalore)
5+ years in EAI and ERP implementation and management. 
Experience with SAP and Oracle will be a plus.
Database Administrator (Hong Kong)
3+ years experience in database (DB2, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL) administration and management.
Experience with VLDB and OLAP will be highly desirable. 
Mobigator is one of the few companies in Hong Kong that have been accredited by Hong Kong Institution of Engineers to administer the Graduates Scheme “A” Training, a fast track programme to attain the well-recognized professional qualification of Engineer (Ir) in Information Engineering.
If you are interested in a challenge for yourself, please submit your resume, transcripts and reference letters to

If you do not see a position that fits you, contact us anyway. We're always looking for talented people to join our teams.
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