Mobigator Technology Group offer comprehensive and integrated insurance management solutions covering the end-to-end insurance management workflow from underwriting, claim processing, adjudication, settlement, reporting, benefit management to provider integrations. Our solutions have been designed and built with flexibility to meet the requirements of a wide range of organizational workflow for country-specific operations and compliances.
Mobigator has been providing domain-focused Insurance Solutions and Professional Services for some of the largest global providers in the Insurance Industry.
Leveraging Mobigator's Electronic Imaging & Documents Management Solutions (EIDMS), insurance providers can reduce 90% of paper wastage. With automated benefit calculations and adjudications, insurance can reduce the processing cost by 95%, while improving efficiency and accuracy of services.

Additionally, with our solutions for clinics, laboratories, and hospitals, we have unparalleled expertise and resources in building integration platform for connecting different stakeholders in the industry to serve their common interests and benefit. In particular, with the Insurance Processing Gateway Solution (IPG), claims Processing automation creates a paperless environment and leads to a more efficient and effective process, by enabling insurers to receive claims via the healthcare providers electronically in standardized format. Meanwhile healthcare providers can be reimbursed through the electronic network with no hassles.
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