is a leading technology management and consulting firm with over 700 professionals globally. With business offices in the US, the UK and Hong Kong, and development offices in Sri Lanka and India, Mobigator has been providing technology advisory, management, and development services since 1994. Our clients include top-tier companies in finance, telecommunications, healthcare and insurance industriesin North Americas, Europe and Asia Pacific.
In-depth domain knowledge and extensive cross disciplinary expertise to provide the best-of-class executive-level advisory and strategic IT planning and management.
Consulting Services Group (CSG)
Mobigator's Consulting Group specializes in advising executives on business and technology management. Our services include strategic planning, operation audit, architecture design and resource management. With in-depth domain expertise in finance, telecommunications, healthcare and insurance, we have been helping global enterprises to compete more advantageously using intelligent technology solutions. 
Infrastructures & Systems Group (ISG)
Mobigator's Infrastructures and Systems Group provides high-end solutions development and operational management services. We are strong in managing global mission-critical infrastructures and developing systems that demand extra-ordinary scalability, performance and availability. Recognized as first-class systems architects and engineers, we have been developing ingenious solutions for challenging problems using technologies including supercomputers, mainframes, server farms and distributed workstations. Over the past decade, we have built some of the fastest transaction engines for finance trading, the most sophisticated simulation systems for risk analysis, and the largest OLAP infrastructure for inventory and logistic management.
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